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Looking for an accurate yet affordable laboratory tests in Montreal? UnionMD is here!

UnionMd Clinic offers to all its customers a private medical laboratory service on-site, eligible for reimbursement from the majority of insurance companies. Laboratory fees are charged according to the price list of our partner CDL Laboratories.

These tests are performed by professionnal nurses and the results are available quickly.

We also provide various types of screenings. In some cases and in the absence of a signed request, a medical consultation may be necessary

Complete blood count

Our private laboratory service offers a simple and quick access for all your blood and urine tests. Our qualified nurses perform the tests on site and the analysis is done by our partner laboratory CDL.

Requisitions of other clinics are also accepted. Simply reserve an appointment with one of our nurses and bring a requisition signed by your doctor. The results will be sent directly from the laboratory to the reffering physician.

STD screening

STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) are now known as STBBIs (sexually transmitted or blood borne infections). We offer a screening service of the most common diseases such as gonorrhea, chlamydia, syphilis, hepatitis B, HPV and HIV. These tests are important to detect every disease and treat them as soon as possible.

For women, vaginal swab is required and we can also treat and detect various vaginitis and bacterial infections, and most of time, for men, a simple urine sample is sufficient to screen for gonorrhea et chlamydia. . Complemented by a blood test, you will get results in just a few days.

Contact our customer service and come consult one of our doctor!

Pregnancy tests

Waiting can be so long when we need an answer. Pregnancy, whether planned or not, brings many choices and decisions in the life of a woman or a family. A urine test can be revealing but a blood test is often the only way to get a result very early in the pregnancy and allows to precisely date the embryonic age. Our team is at your disposal and will help you get clear answers and information you need.

As we believe the patient should be informed of results as soon as possible, our team will make sure that you are notified after your physician has reviewed and validated your results.

Contact our customer service and get more information on our services of laboratory tests in Montreal.

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