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You don’t want to endure the endless waiting in random walk-in clinics in Montreal and waste your day when you could rest at home or go back to your activities?
Our Private Medical walk in clinic Montreal offers a same day appointment service for all your minor emergency problems.
We know your time is precious and we do our best to allow you to see a doctor quickly and remedy your problem in the most effective way possible in our walk in clinic Montreal.


Minor Emergencies

The flu, a minor injury or an infection can quickly spoil your day and you would like to see a doctor and be treated quickly to resume your day-to-day activities.

Unfortunately, the idea of waiting several hours in a waiting room for a small problem is not really tempting!

Do not waste your time for a minor emergency and come and see one of our general practitioners or a private doctor Montreal!

At UnionMD, we provide private doctor Montreal for adults and children. Make an appointment within 24 hours or go directly to our clinic in Montreal for a quick consultation.

The most frequent reasons for consultations considered as minor emergencies are the following:

• flu-like symptoms such as a cold, cough or fever
• bronchitis
• urinary track infections
• earache (otitis) or congested sinus (sinusitis)
• stitches or closures due to a minor injury
• sore throat
• muscle or bone sprain or injury and you may need to have an X-ray
• skin reaction
• testing for sexually transmitted diseases (STBBI)

MTS Screening (STBI)

Our Clinic offers not only emergency medical consultations, but we also have services for laboratory tests and sexually transmitted disease (STBI or STD) testing packages.

STDs or STBs are Infections transmitted sexually or by blood. We offer an on-site screening service for the most common diseases such as gonorrhea, chlamydia, syphilis, hepatitis B, HPV and HIV.
These tests are important to detect any disease and treat it as quickly as possible. Most of the time, a simple urine sample is sufficient to screen for gonorrhea and chlamydia for men. For women, a vaginal specimen is necessary and we can also treat and detect the various infections and bacterial vaginosis. Completed by a blood test you will get results in just a few days.

If you are not sure which tests you should do, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service department and let us know your concerns. We will be happy to explain to you in more detail the tests to be performed and the different services offered, and will help you get an appointment as soon as possible at your convenience. So, book your appointment with a trusted private doctor Montreal today, with us.

Check in with one of our Private doctors in Montreal  and get a quick diagnosis by contacting our customer service now!

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