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 At UnionMD clinic, our family physicians do not participate in the Quebec health insurance plan.

By choosing one of our private family doctors in Montreal, you will see that a wide range of services and an electronic medical record allows doctors to give an efficient and complete patient health management.

Whether the reason of your consultation is a chronic disease follow up, a screening or preventive examination, or a minor emergency, our family doctors in Montreal will be able to refer you to the appropriate resources.

A private walk-in clinic is also available.

Preventive medicine and health check-ups Montreal

Prevention is certainly the most important sphere in terms of health. Preventing and detecting diseases through regular screening and health check-ups, is a necessary step that can prevent many complications and help you maintain good general health. Your family doctor is a great ally who will study your medical and family history and your lifestyle during an annual physical examination.

Complete with a blood work if needed, and regular and personalized monitoring, it will allow you to identify potential sources of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, or hereditary disease.

UnionMD offers you different types of packages, health check-ups and annual examinations, thus enabling you to take full care of your health without any delay and without any hassle.

Follow-up of chronic diseases

Chronic medical conditions require regular care and appropriate and supervised treatment. The family doctor is there to help you cope with these chronic conditions that not only affect your health, but also your daily routine. A regular medical follow-up helps to keep an eye on your overall health and the consequences of these chronic conditions, but above all allows the doctor to better assess and adjust your medications as needed.

At UnionMD, our family doctors in Montreal welcome you in a comfortable environment and give you the time you really need.

Minor Emergencies

The majority of people sooner or later need to see a doctor for a minor emergency. Whether it be a cold, bronchitis, a fall-related injury, a child with ear pain, there are a multitude of reasons why a consultation with a family doctor is necessary. When this happens, we do not want to wait for hours in an emergency room.

At UnionMD clinic, our professionals are there to help. Quick appointments are available the same day, with no waiting time, and a devoted and dedicated team at your service at competitive prices. Choose peace of mind and come and visit our clinic, just a step away from the metro station in the heart of downtown Montreal.

Are you looking for private family medicine in Montreal? Contact us now to learn more about our different services!

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