Corporate Medicine

We believe the health of your employees has a direct impact on your company and productivity. We put all our efforts into helping you gain time and efficiency.

We will help you reduce absenteeism from work and facilitate the life of your managers and employees. With our corporate medicine packages, we will find a solution to suit your needs.

On-site vaccination

Is the flu season coming?

Avoid the troubles to your employees! Our nurses can travel to your workplace and carry out the flu vaccination program on-site. Inquire with our team about the different possibilities!

Medical expertise

Do you need a medical expert? Our various specialists can help you and assess your application. Contact our customer service to inform our team of your requirements and make an appointment with one of our doctors!

General checkups for executives and employees

Encourage your managers and employees to stay healthy and learn about our packages for businesses. With our annual check-up programs and emergency consultations, we are here to look after the welfare of your team members.

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